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Calling all campers

To celebrate the launch of our new ropes & boats collection, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Cool Camping for a camptastic giveaway. A groovy camping kit is up for grabs consisting of an Anorak sleeping bag, an Anorak toiletry bag and three Cool Camping books.

Click to enter

If you go down to the newsagent today…

You’re sure of a big suprise. That’s right Anorakers, the ropes & boasts collection has landed its first press pieces of the year. First up for your perusal is this week’s Heat magazine where you can see our ropes weekend holdall. The second is this month’s Coast magazine where you can see our seagulls coolbag and matching picnic blanket. If you don’t fancy shelling out your hard earned pocket money on the publications, here’s the cuttings for you to check out.



New Anorak catalogue

Seafaring friends, we bring you news.
The new Anorak catalogue has set sail and is heading to a doormat near you.
Inside you’ll discover our nautical inspired ropes & boats collection plus some exciting new product additions to the kissing animals collection. Click here to net yourself a copy.

Open open, read on...

A page of picnic products

Below deck for a snooze

Scrub a dub dub with a ropes & boats toiletry bag

Top Drawer Spring

Our first tradeshow of the year was Top Drawer at Earl’s Court, London. It was the first time we’ve ever exposed our new ropes and boats collection to trade and it was by far the biggest stand we’ve had to contend with. Suffice to say, we were pretty darn nervous. Thankfully, fortune decided to smile on Anorak and the new collection went down very well indeed. We picked up some great new stores, met some old friends and even managed to pick up the ‘Best Gift Product’ award for our new garden apron. Here’s some pics of what we got up to…

Washing the rocks for our display (they were very muddy)

Laurie prepares the plinths

Getting ready to roll

Ta da! the new ropes & boats collection on display

The kissing animals returned for another year

And the winner is...

...Anorak's garden apron!

New collection ahoy!

We’ve been super busy making sure our new ropes & boats collection is all ship shape. Well guess what, we’re almost ready to set sail. But before we launch, here’s a sneaky preview for all you eagle eyed Anorakers out there. We’d love to know what you all think. Finally, a special thanks to our friend David Sykes for taking our lovely product pictures for us!

Ropes & boats picnicky products

Ropes & boats weekend away products

Anorak Shop

Click here to visit our online store and see our super duper products for the great outdoors.


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