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Littlest Anorakers

Thanks to Tien and Lilly who tumble-totted into Anorak HQ and kindly agreed to road test our new bean bags due to launch in late March. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Two very happy customers!!

Lilly likes

Thumbs up from Tien

Anorak choccies

Apologies for the lack of blog activity Anorakers. We had a mega-busy build up to Christmas and unfortunately Messing About Outside has taken somewhat of a back seat of late. Our pre-Christmas activities included:

– Packing Christmas orders
– Manning the market
– Designing our spring/summer 2011 collection
– Moving our stock
– Building a new website (coming soon)

Somehow, in between all this Wintry mayhem, Anorak’s very own Laurie & Matt managed to turn their hands to a spot of chocolateering, opting to hand-make their friends and family some Christmas confectionery. Here’s some pictures of the choccies (before the Christmas munchers pounced!).

Laurie preps...

Nice and neat...

The truffles...

The other truffles...

The cases are filled...

The minty ones dry...

Voila! The gifts are ready!




Eyes off the road

Oscar Fernando Gómez Rodríguez is no ordinary taxi driver. One day, whilst out driving in Monterrey, Mexico, he saw a man trying to make ends meet by selling old wood, metal and plastic from a rusty wheelbarrow. Intrigued by the man’s story, Oscar took a photograph and an idea was born. From then on, he began taking pictures through the window of his taxi. His aim is to show that the people who live the most humble lives are often the most worthy of respect. Read Oscar’s interview here.

Music time

We like music. We like bold silhouettes. And we like knowing what the time is. So well done Pavel Sidorenko for designing these bold clocks made of laser cut records. We’re rather partial to the rabbit specimen, but then we would be! See the full collection here.

Source: Design Sponge

Green travel

An interesting take on green travel in this month’s Guardian photo competition. It’s all about the colour green you see, and here’s our pick of the crop…

The winner! Peru paddy fields by Jason Pemberton

Las Ramblas runner beans by Dick Whittington (honest!)

Towels in Venice by Anthony Craddock

Vietnam window by Jamie Lafferty

Irazú volcano in Costa Rica by Tim Jones

Option-G Whiz!

You’ve just got to love the amazing illustrations, paintings and general creative stuff coming from the doors of Creative Agency Option G. They specialize in illustration, graphic design, animation and video content and they, like us, clearly have a penchant for outdoor loving creatures like stags and birdies. Here’s some of our favourites.

High Voltage - Los Angeles

Deer Island

Black Birds

Morning Birds

Source: My Love For You

Mind your beaks, birdies

Here’s proof that your bird box needn’t be brown and boring. Designed by Renata Manau, founder of Biscuit, these balloonified bird boxes are made in Stoke-on-Trent using energy efficient manufacturing methods. It’s Renata’s wish to draw attention to the talented ceramics makers who still reside in Stoke, once the heart of the British ceramics industry. It’s also the place where Anorak founder Laurie studied so we’re doubly delighted by Renata’s efforts.

One word of caution for you: Watch out for herons, their sharp beaks may just pop your balloon!

Via design milk

Look, there's a balloon stuck in the tree

Nice window

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