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Stuart Pearson Wright

If you’re into cowboys and the rugged landscape of the Wild West then you’ll love the work of Stuart Pearson Wright. We stumbled across his exhibition in Soho’s Riflemaker Gallery and instantly fell in love with his heroic self portraits . If you’re in the area, it’s well worth a gander, but do hurry as the exhibition is closing tomorrow.

'Home On The Range'

'If We Make It Through December'

'The Yellow Rose Of Texas'

'Teardrops In My Heart'

Anorak goes to France

Cathy just got back after a well earned week in France. She took some kissing robins oilcloth with her (gleaning a few staff brownie points in the process) and here’s the pictures to prove it! Nice one Cathy.

Bon Appétit

Loving the morning sunlight

Coolbags are here

Pack a picnic Anorakers and head for sunny pastures. Our new coolbags have arrived. They’re waterproof inside and out, they’ve got clever straps to hold a matching picnic blanket and we’re very pleased with them indeed. If you’d like one, they’re £55 or £78 with a matching picnic blanket.

Seagulls coolbag

Seagulls coolbag with matching picnic blanket

Kissing stags coolbag

Kissing stags coolbag with matching picnic blanket

Kissing rabbits coolbag

Kissing rabbits coolbag with matching picnic blanket

Massive picnic table in Bracknell

Look! It’s Britain’s longest ever picnic table and it’s just been built at Lily Hill Park in Bullbrook, Bracknell. At a whopping 18.4 metres or 60ft long, it sits more than 80 people. Now that’s some picnic.

Dulwich Ukulele Club goes football

Our uke-twanging neighbours, The Dulwich Ukulele Club have produced this wondrous four stringed anthem for the World Cup. Careful listeners, it’s very very catchy…


This is rather nifty. A fully functioning felt tip lego printer crafted by a British boffin named Adam. Apparently it’s pretty slow so we wouldn’t recommend joining the print queue on this particular model. Found at designboom.

Simon’s Cat

Simple but fun animated series showing the adventures of a rather silly moggy. There’s a few of them up on youtube but here’s two of our favourites.

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