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Long, not-so-boring train journeys

Look at these amazing pictures captured by artist/train hopper/general crazy kid Swampy as he railway hops his way through the American countryside. A risky business, but superb results nonetheless. Spotted on For Me, For You.


Good tidings Anorakers. To celebrate the long awaited arrival of British Summer Time, we’re offering 20% off all kissing animals products from Sunday 28th March to Thursday 1st April. Enjoy.

Happy British Summer Time everyone!

Outdoor gym

There’s no better form of exercise than a leisurely stroll in the park. Actually there is. A not so leisurely work out at the gym in the park! Whilst taking in the delights of Peckham Rye Park last weekend, Laurie and Matt discovered a fully functioning multi-gym nestled between the shrubbery. Designed by The Great Outdoor Gym Company, Laurie couldn’t resist a quick spin…

Go Laurie!

Open air gym

New sleeping bags are here

Good news Anorakers. The long awaited ropes and boats sleeping bags are in stock. Available in four nautical inspired prints, they unzip into a comfy quilt, they’re 100% cotton and they’re made here in the UK. We hope you like.

Rope sleeping bag

Boat sleeping bag

Anchor sleeping bag

Seagull sleeping bag

Matching pouch

Cross over the road our friends!

Look who we spotted walking the world wide web… Hannah and Ben (of Anorak modelling fame) crossing the road on Google Maps street view. Let’s just hope this new found fame doesn’t go to their heads.

Left, right, left again...

Ok it's safe

Modelling Anorak's kissing stags satchel

Goodness, gracious, great balls of yarn

Ponder the word knitting for a moment. What springs to mind? Blue rinses? Rocking chairs? Wrinkly hands? Well think again Anorakers. Knitting has been given a multi-coloured makeover courtesy of a growing number of knit graffiti artists or ‘yarn bombers’. Their crime is to brighten up the dismal grey pavements of our towns and cities and their weapon of choice is knitting needles and yarn. And now, budding bombers can get the full low down by checking out Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti, a new book by fellow knitters Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain. Here’s a little taster…

Campsite of the week: Rosewall

Nestled on the World Heritage Jurassic coast, Rosewall is a family run camping park in the Hamlet of Osmington Mills near Weymouth. Surrounded by dramatic coastal views, the 13 acre site boasts coastal paths for the walkers, a fishing lake for the anglers and a riding school for the budding Frankie Dettoris.

I can see the sea!

I can just about see the sea!

Jay the horse

Harry the horse

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