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You gotta be in it to spin it to win it

We’re delighted to be featured as this week’s prize in Dorset Cereals Spin to Win competition. At the end of the week, five lucky Anorakers will be winning themselves a satchel, picnic blanket and toiletry bag of their choice. What are you waiting for? Spin spin spin!

What a prize!

Pigs, lions, giraffes and bears might fly…

Look at this crazy idea for a vertical skyscraper zoo in Buenos Aires. Designed by Visiondivison, it’s basically a giant tower made up of recycled debris left over from when the city’s highway was constructed. But instead of housing balding men in pin striped suits, the building will be home to a menagerie of wild animals ranging from monkeys to dolphins. And, to top it all, a giant waterfall will cascade down the building’s facade. Dr Doolittle would be proud.

To read more, check out the Inhabit blog.

Plenty tall enough for giraffes

Lion. king of the skyscraper.

Quick, an owl's escaped!

Nice bugs

Currently we’re rather enjoying these household bugs made of household objects. They’re illustrated by Robert Samuel Hanson and we spotted them creepy crawling around on designboom’s blog.



It’s a jungle in here

If it’s too cold to sit outside, why not bring the outside in? A big well done to Woolly Pockets for designing these amazingly cool plant holders that are guaranteed to bring a touch of jungle chic to just about any wall.


And many thanks to Oh Joy! for the tip off. Keep up the good work.

Anorak’s top five: iPhone apps for the great outdoors


First you'll need one of these

Reminisce for a second. Pause and remember the days of messing around in the woods with your good old Swiss Army knife by your side. Whatever nature tossed in your path, the faithful red Swiss had a blade to deal with. A saw for cutting a branch. A blade for whittling a catapult. Some tweezers for getting out the splinters.

Well now it would seem Swiss Army tools have been folded away and replaced with apps to be installed on your iPhone and taken out into the great yonder. There’s a raft to choose from and here’s our top five.

1. Survival Pocket Ref by Double Dog Studios £0.59

This one’s the app daddy for those who enjoy the more extreme side of the great outdoors. It contains over 500 pages of essential survival tips ranging from building a shelter to surviving on a strict diet of hedge-tucker. The pictures look great too. Visit site.


How to build a shelter


What to eat


Let's hope this won't be needed

2. Flower Garden by Snappy Touch £1.79

One for all you green-thumbed, sofa seeking garden lovers out there. This app is perfect if you like the idea of gardening but can’t face getting your hands dirty. Simply plant up some seeds, give them a dash of water and email the fruits of your labour straight to your loved one in the form of snazzy bouquet. Visit site.


Pick a variety, any variety


My how you've grown my pretties


Instant brownie points

3. Bicycle Gear Calculator by Jean Pierre Martineau £2.99

Biking is soaring in popularity and this app is a must have for all the double-wheeled bus dodgers currently gracing our cycle lanes. Aimed at those wishing to custom build their dream machine, you can calculate your gear ratios, choose from over 200 preset tyre size and, get this, analyse your skids. Visit site.


Technical stuff


Technical stuff


Now we're talking!

4. Hill Lists by Graham Haley £0.59

For Jacks, Jills and just about anyone else who enjoys a good hill, this app contains detailed information on a plethora of English peaks. You can view your current location, look up your slope on Google Maps and check the OS grid location of the hill you’re ascending. Happy climbing people.


Pick a hill, any hill


Ah, so that's where I've just climbed


Enjoy the view

5. Go Skimming by Buzz Interactive Ltd Free

A nice little promotional app from the Cumbrian Tourist Board. First pick from one of four Lake District waters: Windermere, Ullswater, Derwentwater or Wastwater. Next find yourself a nice juicy pebble. Finally, pretend your iPhone is said pebble and fling (without letting go) until your wrist’s content. Visit site.


A good lake for a skim


6, 7, 8, plop


Next stone

Anorak’s first ever ad

Here’s our very first press advertisement as featured in our local East Dulwich rag. We just hope Santa doesn’t get offended by our festive gag and strike us off his Chistmas list.

Anorak Christmas Press Ad

Copy reads: The Anorak kissing stags. Strutting proudly to a Christmas near you. See the full collection and meet the robins, rabbits and horses at

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