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Are you sitting comfortably?

IMG_0002Campfire stories. Bedtime stories. Tall stories. It’s not often anyone over the age of eight gets to indulge in words read by someone else. That’s why we were enticed by this (ahem) subtly targeted advertising campaign by coffee brand Carte Noire. They’ve enlisted three good-looking actor types to read segments of famous literary works that you can watch online as a coffee break. They even start (albeit with a smirk) with the words “Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin”. This reminded Nicky of her Great Auntie Georgie, for whom she and her sister used to prepare a throne of fading cuddly toys and mismatched sheets as they eagerly awaited her arrival and those famous opening words.

Living etc October 2009

Living etc October 2009

Living etc October 2009

Living etc October 2009

Anorak also adores the folk tale theme of this interiors shoot in Living etc. It evokes an eclectic home perfect for snuggling up for a good story.

The Wandering Fashionista


We love this shoot from the new issue of Pop magazine. Lily Cole and Jessica Stam look like glamorous nomads with a penchant for vintage and charity shopping who have been forced to wear all their clothes at once, creating layers of pattern and texture. The rest of their belongings are dragged around casually in a wonderfully tacky assortment of cases and bags.

Slow Coast Rider

Nick Hand is on a solo cycle around the coast of Britain, taking time to meet people, learn about local artisans and enjoy the great British coastline on his way, with a route designed to keep him as close to the sea as possible. Check out Nick’s website to follow his progress, learn about his experiences, and sponsor his chosen cause, TheParkinson’s Disease Society, or see his blog for an in-depth account of every adventure and some great images.

Wild Swimming

Raffaella Barker, as seen on, photography by Teena Taylor

Raffaella Barker, as seen on, photography by Teena Taylor

We’re enticed by the romanticism Raffaella Barker captures in this article about wild swimming. The idea of gliding through murky waters and hidden pools at the risk of being nibbled by a wriggly fish or getting a bit muddy, seems far more exciting than an eye-stinging, chlorine-filled pool where you risk swimming through someone else’s urine.

This website dedicated to wild swimming is a great resource for secret swimming spots to try and practical information like how clean your local rivers are.

Cathy’s flat

cathy's tablecathys chair-2

Thanks to Cathy who has sent in these pictures showing how Anorak looks right at home in her colourful and ecclectic living room.

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